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Discover the Jimenez family's journey through Patagonia!

July 17, 2023

Jose Jimenez's family decided on Patagonia for their sailing trip last summer!  

As avid sailors, he and his family have no fear of adventure.

So it was out of Puerto Natales that they chartered a Lagoon 42, Isla Jechica III,

Once on board, they sailed around Puerto Natales, taking the opportunity to pass through the Estero Montañas channel, known as the Fjord of the Mountains.

The beauty of this wild landscape lies in the glaciers of the Campo de Hielo Sur, or Southern Patagonian Ice Field, which slope down to the ocean. This massif is one of the world's largest freshwater reserves. As a sailing area, this is also known for being complicated, remote and very lonely, with abrupt and radical weather changes and high wind speeds, even in summer. In short, sailing a catamaran in this channel is adventure with a capital A, but it's so magical that you shouldn't deny yourself the opportunity!

Fortunately for the Jimenez family, they were lucky enough to enjoy magnificent weather and calm seas this summer, allowing them to witness some of the best panoramic views imaginable.  A total change of scenery for them!

So if you're if you fancy something different, this is another dream destination to explore aboard a Lagoon catamaran!

The Jimenez family are sharing their memorable photos and incredible moments with the Lagoon family!