Pre-owned Lagoon catamarans

Are you interested in buying a pre-owned Lagoon catamaran? We'll tell you how.

The pre-owned catamaran market is growing steadily. Multihulls are increasingly favored for their volume and comfort and are equally suited to families and young retirees.


A concept with many advantages

The number of pre-owned catamarans on the market is growing all the time, and this benefits a large number of sailors, because the primary advantage of buying second-hand is the price. It's often the first step towards discovering life at sea and getting familiar with cruising. Buying second-hand can be a good way to start sailing a catamaran, to get to grips with it and get your bearings.

Buying a catamaran that has already had a first owner also allows you to get feedback on the boat's handling at sea and its comfort. Explore your dream destinations with confidence.

Lagoon catamarans are robust boats that have stood the test of time and can allow several owners to live out their cruising dreams. This makes them perfectly suited to the second-hand market.

The solution for buying second-hand

Band of boats, a Lagoon partner, specializes in the sale of both new and pre-owned boats. You’ll find Lagoon catamarans on their website. The aim is to bring together buyers and sellers (private individuals or companies) on the same platform.

All you have to do is browse their site to find your perfect pre-owned catamaran, and the seller who's right for you. For each model, technical data sheets detail the boat's various features and guide you in your search.

You can also make an appointment to visit the catamaran that you're interested in. Owner reviews are available for each model as well. And what's more, you can compare prices to find the model of your choice at the best price.

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