Recall on Goiot products

This notification is only for catamarans built from years 2007 to 2019 and equipped with Goiot brand escape fixed hatches.

November 20, 2023

Maintaining a permanent focus on the reliability and safety for our customers in our boat building is always a high priority objective for LAGOON, and we feel important to remind you here about a Recall on Goïot products.

The safety standards that apply to Catamarans oblige us to fit our boats with emergency exits in case the boat capsizes. That is why our Catamarans are produced with escape hatches under the deck bridge.

Since 2007, we have installed GOÏOT brand fixed hatches, made of a “Securit” glass glued onto an aluminium frame and screwed on each hull.

In case of capsize of the boat, the glass hatch must be broken allowing the crew’s evacuation.

However, since we have been equipping our catamarans with these products, we have faced a few rare cases of the glass detaching from its aluminium frame, causing water entry into the boat.

This has revealed that those escape hatches had no safety device to prevent the fall of the glass in case of detachment.


Action to be made, if not done yet : contact us !

LAGOON has designed with its supplier GOIOT retaining parts to secure these escape hatches easily, preventing the glass from falling in case of detachment.

LAGOON has set up a technical team ready to work with you to organize the installation - at no cost to you – of these retaining parts which can equipped your boat.

This team can be contacted at the following e-mail address :

In each e-mail that you send us, please indicate the boat type and identification serial number, dealer name where you bought the boat and/or the one of your boat maintenance shipyard.

This issue with specific Goïot products was common for several catamarans manufacturers, who all made a public communication together, in February 6,  2020  (see attached the public release).

As we have been keeping doing since that date, we feel important to repeat (and repeat again) that this recall is an important matter of safety, to be considered seriously.

We thank you in advance for your attention, and in case your boat was sold to a third party, we please ask you to inform us of their name and address by return mail , so that we can make sure they receive such type of communication.