Lagoon’s Commitment to Sustainability

At each stage in the life of a catamaran, the entire Lagoon crew and dealer network work hand-in-hand to uphold our Sailing for Change commitments, and thus to preserve your dream destinations.

Sailing for Change

The history of Lagoon is intimately linked with its marine environment, which we are committed to preserving.  In recent years, we have made a significant step forward, in terms of sustainability, to offer catamarans that are ever-more respectful of the environment.

Today, the Groupe Beneteau is a key player in this new way to cruise and to experience the sea.  From the construction to the deconstruction of our boats, including their full life cycle at sea, the Groupe Beneteau is implementing a 360° plan to control and reduce its impact on the environment.

Groupe Beneteau’s Commitments to Sustainability

Recognized Environmental Certifications

Our production sites located in France’s Vendée Region – Belleville-sur-Vie and Poiré-sur-Vie – are ISO 9001, ISO 50001, and ISO 14001 certified, internationally recognized quality standards for environmental management and energy performance.  Our site in Bordeaux, France, officially certified in 2023, will enable us to register the entire production of Lagoon catamarans within a more sustainable construction model.


Sustainable Primary Materials

Current Lagoon models have been created to meet the demands of a new generation of owners.  Thus, we have conceived elegant, comfortable and innovative catamarans.  Our woodwork comes from FSC certified forests, and the upholstery is created from recycled materials.

Regarding the composite, our R&D department continues to work on improvements offering primary materials that are respectful of the environment, all while upholding our number one priority, the quality and reliability of our boats.  The deck structure and hulls are created using vacuum infusion molding, a technology which guarantees a reduction in weight and a higher quality composite, while also enabling us to reduce our environmental impact.

As soon as possible, we will begin to replace fiberglass with entirely natural hemp fiber.  Our technological advances in bio-sourced resin and natural fibers are particularly promising, and these will become increasingly visible aboard Lagoons to come.

Environmentally Responsible Solutions on Board

Our objective is to help our customers to adopt good practices, whether cruising or at anchor.  From the use of water to the use of energy on board, there are multiple opportunities for action.

Lagoon proposes the integration of XXL solar panels, integrated into the coachroof of the Lagoon 51, for example, delivering more than 2700 watts of energy for the operation of equipment on board. 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable boat maintenance kits are also furnished with the delivery of each Lagoon to encourage an environmentally friendly lifestyle at sea.

Adopt environmentally friendly habits on board

Hybrid Propulsion:  Significant Investments in Research and Development

Already a pioneer in this field, with the launch in 2006 of the Hybrid Lagoon 420, our Research and Development Services continue working to reach THE solution that will enable us to offer electric propulsion on our boats without reducing their capacity to travel around the world.  The solution must be reliable, able to be produced on an industrial scale, sustainable, and affordable.

Various alternatives continue to be co-developed and tested with tremendous ambition, equal to the stakes involved.


Support Sustainable Initiatives

With admiration for the projects led by members of the Lagoon family, we would like to highlight our partners who, each in their own way, participate in the creation of a cleaner marine environment.



Projects to discover and follow

Anima Mundi

Together with the IUCN, Anima Mundi wants to create the first comprehensive database of plastic waste in coastal areas. Lagoon owners, wherever they are, are invited to become part of this exciting project by mapping the world's coasts using a drone. The aim: to get an accurate picture of the pollution on our coasts and its evolution. Find out more about our partnership by becoming a member of Club Lagoon.

Club Lagoon

Escape to Nature

In 2023, an expert in cinematography will be sailing aboard a Lagoon 55 to the most isolated locations in the Pacific to shine a spotlight on the richness of the underwater world and the importance of preserving it.  This human adventure will be led by a passionate team of scientists who aim to share their discoveries with the broader public.