Lagoon catamarans are the fruit of combined talents:  Construction Navale Bordeaux, one of the most respected shipyards in the world of superyachts, and the Groupe Beneteau, world leader in the production of recreational boats, as well as the brilliant naval architects who contribute their talents to the design of Lagoon catamarans.  Our common motivation is to create comfortable, elegant, and reliable boats to accompany owners and crew around the world.

“A Lagoon is designed from the interior to the exterior”

Patrick le Quément.  Together, Nauta, VPLP Design, and the engineers of Lagoon create interiors well adapted for long cruises with family and friends.



Marc Van Peteghem, Creative Director along with Vincent Lauriot-Prévost of VPLP Design, are internationally renowned naval architects in the field of multihull design, who also happen to have won the most design awards for racing multihulls.  Their mission:  to enrich cruising catamarans with their unequalled experience in designing race boats.



Lagoon models benefit from the incalculable contribution of Patrick le Quément, former Director of Industrial Design with Renault.  This illustrious designer, who has spent 42 years in the automobile industry, He contributes at the earliest phase of the design project, in the very first sketches, enhancing volumes.

“Upon retirement, I preferred to challenge myself, rather than become a trophy!”

Patrick le Quément




Mario Pedol, Founder with Massimo Gino, of the famous Italian design studio, have had one mission since 1985:  to design the most beautiful yachts in the world.  For Lagoon, they create catamarans that surpass their owners’ expectations, owing to their unequalled experience with large custom yachts.

“The sailboat is the most elegant means of transport imaginable,”

Mario Pedol, from Nauta Yacht Design.  The Lagoon crew strive each day to do it justice.



The shipyards in France’s Vendée Region and in Bordeaux hold ISO 9001 quality standard certification.  With proven production methods, managed costs, and certified quality, Lagoon’s expertise marries attention to detail, creativity, and rigorous industrial precision.

This quality is the result of a healthy competition and a culture of sharing, where innovative ideas rebound between the women and men who design and build Lagoon catamarans.  “We have the same understanding of what we want to obtain,” states Marc Van Peteghem.  “We start from an overall plan, which will be reinterpreted in a different way, and together, the shipyard and the designers at Nauta, we debate, we have fun!”  At Lagoon, it is dialogue that contributes to improving the construction process and stimulates innovation.

Because of these exchanges, the nacelle features a “seagull’s wing” profile, for smoother passage through the water, the hulls are created using infusion technology, allowing for an adjusted amount of resin and facilitating the use of balsa sandwich construction, windows in the hull are generalized, etc.  As Marc van Peteghem has reminded us, on a boat, each element is tied to the next by an invisible thread, a logic that unifies the whole.

To describe handling a Lagoon, just two words come to mind:  simplicity and reliability.  Beneath each hull, there is no centerboard – too fragile and complicated to use – but instead, a robust fin keel, efficient under sail and useful for protecting the hulls and rudders.  The helm station (from which the mainsail is also adjusted), is offset from the wide cockpit, which is dedicated to relaxing and entertaining, while remaining accessible.  The dynamic among the Lagoon crew leads to bold evolutions, such as the creation of a true forward cockpit.  In short, each day is an adventure, and we promise even more wonderful surprises.


Lagoon catamarans have a generous nature.  They offer vast, inviting spaces, with freedom of movement between the exterior and interior, and feature bright cabins.  “Lagoon favors quality of life on board, explains Marc Van Peteghem.  Each Lagoon must be different, all while belonging to the same family.  We seek to maintain this coherence, this harmony that we feel while cruising aboard a Lagoon.”

The philosophy of Lagoon can be summed up in three words:  elegance, conviviality, and safety.  Three priorities which constitute the fabric of creations by Nauta Design.  “When we design the interior of a Lagoon, we seek to optimize the use of space, all while preserving a bright, comfortable atmosphere,” explains Mario Pedol.  “We favor continuous horizontal lines to accentuate the perception of more harmonious and fluid open spaces, where rigorous geometric lines are combined with warm materials.  Continuity between the exterior and the interior, a mix of direct and indirect lighting, ergonomic design, balanced proportions, a warm environment, and a sensation of spaciousness… Lagoons have been the first to promote the art de vivre aboard a catamaran, down to the smallest detail, and they remain the reference.”


Comfort is also synonymous with safety.  All Lagoon catamarans are fully compliant with CE standards in multihull unsinkability.  The forward and aft compartments of each hull are separated from the livable space by watertight bulkheads.   The materials used and the absence of ballast reinforce this unsinkable quality:  even in the event of a shock or collision, a Lagoon can continue to cruise.  The Lagoon design office also handles the design of freshwater and saltwater systems, as well as electrical circuits, with demonstrated reliability and respect for European regulations, which are even surpassed on numerous points.  To the aft of each hull, the engine compartments are insulated with high-density foam for soundproofing.  Distanced from living spaces for further discretion, they remain perfectly accessible.