Sailing in the Islands of the Grenadines

Written in partnership with Click&Boat

March 6, 2023

Written in partnership with Click&Boat

Why limit yourself to a single island when there are 32 very diverse ones all accessible in “short hops”? With infinite options for anchoring, the Caribbean archipelago of St Vincent and the Grenadines, located to the north of the island of Grenada and south of St Lucia, is a dream destination where pleasure, wonder and chilling out will be the source of cruise in the Grenadines.

From North to South, an archipelago with some stunning ports of call

St Lucia, rejuvenation therapy

Remarkable when seen from the water, the majestic Pitons, two ancient lava domes are the characterizing feature of this island. Volcanic in origin and now covered with vegetation, you can swap the limited space of your boat’s shower to a genuine natural spa.

The sulfur springs mean you can enjoy the medicinal virtues of a volcanic mud bath. So, try out your body painting skills while indulging in some skin care!

For hikers, a climb to the guardians of the island will offer a breathtaking panorama from the top over the Caribbean Sea.

St Vincent, a many-faceted island

And… Action! Like a movie set, the island of Saint Vincent harmoniously combines volcanoes, natural pools, mountains and fine sandy beaches.

A great stopover for foodies, who will notice all the banana and coconut trees as well as the archipelago’ quintessential breadfruit tree.

Are you already missing your swimming? Head up to Dark View Falls for a dip in a natural pool and why not enjoy a water-powered massage performed by Mother Nature!

A perfect spot to combine snorkeling and bird watching

Keep your eyes open! The coastal waters of the archipelago are like an aquarium where sea urchins, turtles and fish of all kinds attract ospreys, pelicans and frigate birds, who share their name with the warships of the world’s various navies. And if you hear a frantic, rhythmic whistling, look around, you’ll spot the whistling warbler, a bird native to the island.

Emblematic animals to discover

Keep your eyes peeled! It’s here in the heart of the tropical forest that you’ll come across some species such as manicous (opossums) or agoutis (furry rodents) that find refuge here.

Bequia, the soulmate of yachting lovers

Drop anchor in the waters of this peaceful and welcoming island that is renowned worldwide. In April, don’t miss the must-see event that really makes this little corner of paradise: Bequia’s Easter Regatta! You’ll find yourself fully enjoying the lively and festive atmosphere.

You have simply got to try the curried conch, from the big and beautiful shell with the pink interior that abounds in these waters. Yes, the one you love to put to your ear to hear the sound of the ocean.

Tobago Cays, welcome to an aquatic paradise

You love snorkeling, and are looking for paradise on earth? Take a deep breath, because you’re going to need it – the blue of sky plunges into the blue and green of the water and magnificent sea turtles make your heart skip a beat.

The few islets here are bordered by one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Caribbean. Don your mask and snorkel, dive right into an aquarium and swim freely among rainbow fish, rays and Caribbean corals.

All around you, you’ll find unspoiled little islands such as Jamesby, Petit Bateau or Petit Rameau. Swim over to them and experience a soothing Robinson Crusoe-style escape, with the iguanas and land turtles basking in the sun all around you. Why not try and imitate them, as much as you like.

Our favorite anchorages

Saline Bay: At the southern end of Mayreau Island, Saline Bay is a large and well protected anchorage with easy access to the village. In high season, we prefer it to Salt Whistle Bay, which can be busy with sailboats and catamarans. Morpion and Punaise: Transform yourself into a real adventurer by swimming ashore.

These two uninhabited islands are formed of white sand. On Morpion, seek out some shade under the only structure on the islet: a picturesque little parasol made of palm fronds.

Canouan: Between the white sandy beaches and the coral reef, avoid the crowds and anchor in The Pool, an unspoiled lagoon perfect for enjoying all the wonders of a natural aquarium.

As well as the unbeatable

Considered in just about every pilot book as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, off-season, its small size makes it a truly paradise-like cocoon. However, in high season, it gets busier and busier.

Tobago Cays: Often considered to be one of the most beautiful anchorages in the world, we couldn’t end this list without mentioning this incredible, unspoiled spot. It’s the essential stopover for living a beautiful dream!

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