Technical maintenance

Tenderlift of catamarans

The Tenderlift is a platform on hydraulic rams designed for launching and recovery of your tender and for carrying it when under way.

March 3, 2023

The Tenderlift is a platform on hydraulic rams designed for launching and recovery of your tender and for carrying it when under way. It is located at the back of the Lagoon between the hulls, aft of the cockpit.

1 – Use

  • When lifting, place yourself at the front of the dinghy in order to counterbalance the weight of the outboard motor.
  • The Tenderlift should only be used in sheltered waters. It is the captain’s responsibility to assess the sea state before handling the dinghy using the Tenderlift.
  • Never submerge the Tenderlift while the boat is moving.
  • Never use the Tenderlift when the boat is ashore to lift a person.
  • Never put to sea without having first ensured all the safety elements for securing the platform are in place.
  • Do not forget to remove any plugs from the tender once it is on the
  • Do not leave the Tenderlift without its safety devices when in port or at anchor.
  • To avoid any cantilevering forces, ensure heavy loads (engine, fuel tank, etc.) are as close as possible to the center of the Tenderlift
  •  Never operate the Tenderlift when the safety devices have been installed (this would cause the raising of the platform until the Tenderlift rail collided with the boat’s pulpit, resulting in damage).
  • Make a mark on the handrail at water level so that the platform is always immersed the same way.
  • Make a reference mark between the tender and the rail so that the tender is always located in the same position on the platform.

2 – Manual hydraulic locking

  • Ensure that the Tenderlift has reached its upper stop before operating the hydraulic locks.
  • Never lower the Tenderlift when the locks are engaged.
  • Press the “Up” control before unlocking the Tenderlift to ensure that it is not resting on the locks.

On some catamarans the principle is different, such as on the SIXTY 7, where it is located on the lifting arm of the Tenderlift. It is mechanical and automatic. When the Tenderlift reaches the upper stop, it locks into the strap fitting.

Before unlocking the Tenderlift, ensure that it is in the upper stop position, pressing the “Up” control should this be necessary.

To unlock the Tenderlift, pull on the two strops located on the arms, and cleat them off in the jammers. It is essential to ensure that the yellow marks are visible to make sure that the Tenderlift is unlocked.

Once the Tenderlift has been lowered, release the strops from the jammers. Be careful not to let them get caught under the wing of the platform!

3 – Maintenance and servicing

a) Changing the oil:

To maintain the quality of the hydraulic oil, it is recommended to change it every 5 years. The oil to be used is hydraulic oil that meets the specification of ISO 46 grade.

Avoid DEXTRON type oils whose viscosity is too low. The oil change must be done with the cylinder rod retracted (Tenderlift in the raised position) to compensate for the volume of the cylinder rod.

b) Hydraulic hoses:

You are advised to examine the condition of the hydraulic hoses every 3 years. Priority should be given to hoses that are exposed to UV light, external factors and tight bending.

Parts subject to chafe should be protected with plastic sheathing. It is also advisable to rinse the Tenderlift with fresh water during a long stay in port.

c) Tightening the fittings:

At each haulout and at least once a year, check the tightness of the bolts of the boat mounting fittings (24 bolts in total), with the Tenderlift in the lowered position.

d) Changing the straps:

It is recommended to change the lifting straps every 3 years, or more regularly depending on wear.

If you have any questions, please contact your Lagoon dealer or complete this contact form.