Unforgettable boat expedition in the Cyclades’ Archipelago

Looking for an idyllic destination for your next cruise on catamaran, in the south of the Aegean Sea?

March 6, 2023

Looking for an idyllic destination for your next cruise on catamaran, in the south of the Aegean Sea? Go on a cruise week in the archipelago of the Cyclades and take a historical break by visiting five islands in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Day 1: Your arrival at Athen’s harbor


Main harbor in Athens, Piraeus is your starting point to cruise during a full week in the south of the Aegean Sea. Belonging to the Attika region, Piraeus hosts three harbors: Kantharos, Mikrolimano and Zea. If you are planning to reach Piraeus from the airport of Athens, count about half an hour by car. Once in the harbor, before to set sail, start your cultural tour by visiting the archeological museum of Piraeus and discover two bronze statues, found in the harbor in 1959.

Day 2: Discovering Kea


Greece Kea Island in Cyclades panoramic seascape view of sea at summer with blue sky

Kea is the closest island from Athens. With her 132 km², the island of Kea is about one hour sailing from Athen’s harbor. Little know by the tourists, this small island of the Cyclades offers beautiful discoveries for people fond of History. Are you looking for authenticity? Berth your catamaran in the Korissia harbor on the north-west side of the island and reach the village of Ioulis. As an amphitheater in the hinterland, Ioulis immerses you into a medieval landscape with its arched lanes, its fountains and its magnificent Venetian castle. The village welcomes one of the most important archeological museum of all the Cyclades.

Day 3: One day at Syros


Located at 21 nautical miles from Kea, the Syros Island is a place you do not want to miss. It is the perfect location for the people keen of good food and beautiful architecture. While entering into the Syros harbor, gates of the town, and discovering the capital of the island, Ermoúpolis, you are suddenly amazed by the neoclassical architecture. Your day at Ermoúpolis can start with a delicious culinary experience in the streets full of restaurants. They offer local specialties like the Loukoumias. The day can continue with a pleasant walk in the town, discovering big buildings as the Apollon Theater and the City Hall, which is overlooking Maiouli Place.

Day 4: Between nature and History at Paros


33 nautical miles separate Syros Island from Paros. In the Parikia harbor, on the west side of the island, you will start your 4th day in the Cyclades archipelago. To capture your holiday at Paros, combine a hike and a historical discovery to reach the butterflies’ valley, at about 7 km on the west side of the town. Longovarda and Christos monasteries are close to the valley, it is the setting for the butterflies’ reproduction, which takes place between May and June.

Day 5: Nice break at Serifos


Sail 31 nautical miles between Paros and Serifos to enjoy the soft idleness near the beach. The island offers beautiful anchorages and quiet beaches for visitors. The choices are almost endless! However, if you like the peaceful atmosphere, the most interesting sand beach is Karavi, near Livadi, the main harbor.

Day 6: Recharge your batteries at Kythnos


Sunrise in harbor of greek island Kythnos at Cyclades

Enjoy your last day in the Cyclades by relaxing at the thermal source of Loutra, in Kynthos Island, at 23 nautical miles from Serifos. Berth your boat into the small harbor of Loutra, on the north east side of the island. Enjoy the healing source before to enclose your historical break by visiting an old archeological site near the town. Then on the next day, you will leave the harbor early in the morning to reach Athens’ harbor, at about 48 nautical miles from Kythnos.

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