The In-Boom Furler Is Coming to Lagoon Catamarans!

Lagoon is simplifying your sailing trips with its new in-boom furler, for catamarans from 46 to 51 feet in length. Welcome aboard for an enjoyable cruise!

October 17, 2023

With over 7,000 catamarans cruising on waters around the world, Lagoon is opening a new chapter in cruising by introducing an optional in-boom furler, especially designed for catamarans from 46 to 51 feet in length.


Setting sail has never been so easy!  After a series of sea trials that took place over a period of 18 months, the Lagoon in-boom furler makes sailing accessible, simple, and reliable.


Enjoy Peaceful Cruising with this In-Boom Furler

With this innovation, sailing and sail handling are precise and controlled for comfortable cruising.


The principal characteristic of the Lagoon in-boom furler is in its unique design:  unlike other systems, the furling mandrel of this boom is not enclosed.  This particularity offers numerous advantages, notably the possibility of observing and controlling sail handling with great precision during hoisting, reefing, and furling operations.


The Lagoon In-Boom Furler Features an Optimal Configuration.

It is positioned with the help of a topping lift stop and incorporates a horizontal adjustment of the feeder, guaranteeing a proper angle of attack of the luff.  Its clever design enables distribution of the load of the battens on the bolt rope, thus lengthening the lifespan of the sail.


This system enables you to observe all the moving parts, thus facilitating any interventions, if necessary.


How It Works

The Lagoon in-boom furler is based on four fundamental elements, thus creating the ideal conditions for a successful outing at sea:

  1. The mainsheet must be completely released.
  2. The toping lift of the mainsail must be adjusted to the stop.
  3. The catamaran must be facing into the wind.
  4. It is essential to maintain constant, appropriate tension on the luff while raising or furling the sail.

Thanks to our Australian representative, TMG Yachts, you can watch the Lagoon in-boom furler in action in an early premiere, in this video.

Prepare to sail with complete confidence with this new solution by Lagoon!


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