Lagoon 46


Now boarding the Lagoon 46. The objective is to put this model under the magnifying glass, and not just any magnifying glass - that of specialist American magazine SAIL.

February 16, 2021

The 46 is one of the new generation Lagoon catamarans, with an increased sail plan, an aft-set mast, and a shorter boom, for easy and enjoyable sailing. The functionalities and the standard of finish of the interiors have also been reviewed for this new generation of catamarans: luxurious design, noble materials, ergonomic spaces and increased storage areas.

Thanks to its Lagoon DNA, the 46 already had strong points: freedom, audacity, a gentle way of life and innovation. Nevertheless, the Lagoon 46 had to impose itself on the market:

“When developing its new 46-footer, Lagoon had two issues to contend with. First, the immense popularity of its recently introduced groundbreaking 50 set high expectations for the smaller design. The question, therefore, became how to pack all of the 50’s innovative features onto a more compact platform. Second, since the 46 replaces the immensely successful Lagoon 450, Lagoon couldn’t afford a misstep. With nearly 800 units of its predecessor having launched, it was imperative that it get the new design right.”

So the Lagoon 46 was the result of a challenge! But with 185 units now sailing all over the world, this model has already proven itself:

Ease of sailing:

“A recessed, electric Harken winch manages the continuous main traveler, leaving you with no excuse not to have a well-trimmed sail. The jib is on a self-tacking track, making singlehanding this big boat that much easier.”

Performance under sail:

“The Lagoon 46 is nearly 12,000lb lighter than her 50ft sister—lightweight. If you can avoid the temptation to weigh her down by filling her cavernous stowage spaces, you’re sure to be pleased with her performance under sail.”

Harmonious interiors:

“The rectangular hull windows on the Lagoon 46 are even larger than aboard the 450, and in combination with recessed lighting both along the cabin sole and overhead create a feeling of light and space. Lagoon offers a choice of three wood finishes, including a darker shade of brown Alpi and the option of upmarket leather accents. Traditionalists like to say production cats have all the aesthetics of a plastic tub, but not this one.”

Pleasant to live aboard:

“Our test boat came equipped with the three-cabin owner’s layout, with a truly posh master suite in the starboard hull. Aft in this space is a queen-sized island bed with access from both sides.”

In conclusion:

“Only time will tell if the popularity of this model will meet or exceed that of the 450. Since the company focused so much on the details and how to pack them into a smaller footprint, we’ll assume that Lagoon did, indeed, get it right and that the 46 will set new records as well.”

To read the full SAIL article, click here.

One thing that SAIL Magazine's magnifying glass doesn't show, but at Lagoon we already know: our mythical Lagoon 450 will be retiring without worry, because the next generation is well and truly assured!

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