Lagoon 51 Summer Tour 2022 – Eighth stop in Capo d’Orlando, Sicily

A few days after Salerno, the Lagoon 51 docked at Capo d’Orlando in Sicily. This is where the dealer SpartiVento was located, to meet you during this stopover.

February 28, 2023

During these 3 days, SpartiVento organized many activities, between visits, sea trials, cocktail & sushi parties, etc. The agenda was varied and very entertaining!

SpartiVento also organized a fun and responsible activity for the young ones. On the agenda: creating a piece of art with waste collected on the beach.  Their collection allowed them to create a fish on the beach.

The Lagoon 51 is perfectly suitable for families with young children. Thanks to the extra wide transoms, access is convenient and secure for both older and younger ones. When used in conjunction with the Tenderlift, they form a beautiful balcony over the sea, an invitation to swim and relax your feet in the water!

We look forward to your visit to try this new catamaran at each stop.

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