Lagoon 51 Summer Tour 2022 - Fifth stopover in Monaco

Our dealer Oceanis Yacht hosted the Lagoon 51 on its new two-day stopover in the wonderful city of Monaco

February 28, 2023

Along with tours and sea trials of the Lagoon 51, Oceanis Yacht organized a fashion show aboard Lagoon's newest catamaran, on Friday July 8th.

The models had the privilege of changing in the spacious owner's suite and the large dressing room was able to accommodate all the pieces presented during the fashion show.

A fashion show in the spirit of the Lagoon 51, Sailing for Change: eco-responsible creations, made with respect and love for nature and our environment.

Following the show, it was time to relax with a cocktail party where everyone got the opportunity to chat with the teams about the two days spent onboard the Lagoon 51. The opportunity to enjoy the beautiful spaces of conviviality offered by the Lagoon 51.

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