Lagoon 51 Summer Tour 2022 - Second stopover at LA GRANDE MOTTE

Following its first stopover in Barcelona, the Lagoon 51 set a course for La Grande Motte

February 28, 2023

From June 17 to 19, Nauticap welcomed guests at this second stopover, allowing them to check out the new Lagoon catamaran.

What was on the program?

A day in the company of Robert from @coco_plum_sea_pro fishing for sea bream between Palavas and La Grande Motte followed by cooking the catch on the catamaran’s plancha grill. Taking advantage of a sea trial to sail aboard the new Lagoon 51, “Sailing for change”, and enjoying a beautiful day out under the Occitan sun.


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We’ll see you soon on the Summer Tour 2022!