The 6,000th Lagoon catamaran: Kaya has been cruising the Caribbean for several months now.

March 24, 2022

Having already sailed in the Mediterranean, the owners wanted to share their experience with us and tell us about their satisfaction with Lagoon's customer service.

The skipper of the catamaran Kaya explained: “I still can't find the words to say how excellent the Lagoon service is. I can't say how much they have helped me with their answers, advice and support”.

Indeed, the captain confided that the Lagoon staff have always been on hand to help him and to answer his questions at any time.

Since Kaya's delivery, Lagoon's customer service team has always been there: to advise, support and answer the questions of the catamaran's crew. When they needed help to understand how the boat worked, or when they needed advice for their passage across the Atlantic: “Lagoon service has always been there to support me”.

The captain, owner and the whole crew of Kaya finished off by saying: “We would like to thank all the Lagoon teams for their professionalism and their availability”. 

The entire Lagoon team is delighted to have been able to accompany Kaya's crew when they needed it, and we wish them fair winds as they continue sailing aboard their Lagoon 50!

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