The eighth edition of the IBI Boat Builder Awards, in association with Raymarine, highlights the innovators and pioneers in the boating industry as it is today.

November 14, 2022

In total, ten categories are featured, including personal achievement, environmental commitment, collaborative work, innovation, design and marketing.

For the 2022 edition, the jury nominated the Lagoon 51 in the category “Reduction of Environmental Impact in Manufacturing Processes”, thanks to its use of Solbian Solar technology.

Lagoon's history is intimately linked to the marine environment, something the Beneteau Group is committed to preserving every day. By developing this technology with Solbian Solar, Lagoon is meeting the demands of a new generation of owners, promising genuine energy gains for running the service systems on board.

In short, this solar panel technology can provide more than 2,700 watts of power for the operation of the onboard services.

Everyone at Lagoon is particularly proud of this announcement. It is the result of a significant project between the Lagoon and Solbian Solar teams, and we’re looking forward to hearing the results on November 15th.