Preserve the planet with Animamundi

A few months ago, we announced our partnership with AnimaMundi and DJI to create the world’s first comprehensive database tracking the amount of plastic on our coasts

February 28, 2023

As a first step, we equipped several of our owners of DJI drones to start mapping the Caribbean coastlines (Read the whole article here).

Since then, many hours of video have been uploaded by our owners and automatically scanned by AnimaMundi’s software. The objective is to count and register the amount of plastic in real-time. More details on the technology here.

We would like to warmly thank the commitment of our owners that have been sailing in the Caribbean. We encourage them to keep fighting with us against marine pollution.

Today, Lagoon wants to significantly expand the work and go global! Wherever you are, as a Lagoon owner, you are invited to become part of the team and support this amazing project. Discover our action on this video.

Our goal is to escalate significantly the hours recorded of our coastlines with two purposes:

1. Geolocalise and quantify the plastic pollution

2. Track the evolution of plastic over time

We are now ready to lead the effort all around the world with all of our owners. To participate, click here. You just need to log in to your Club Lagoon account and fill in the AnimaMundi registration form.  You will have a direct link to AnimaMundi who will provide support.

If you are not a member of the Club Lagoon yet, register here in a few clicks.

You do not have a DJI drone? Do not worry, Lagoon and DJI can loan you a drone. All logistic and technical details will be taken care of by the founder of AnimaMundi himself.

We are very proud to count you as member of this new team! Let’s all sail for change and work together to preserve our dream destinations.