Lagoon 42


After more than a year of preparation, eight women from the r'Ose Transat association weighed anchor on November 4th 2019, to cross the Atlantic on a Lagoon 42.

November 14, 2019

The crew is exclusively female: 6 women who have survived breast cancer, a doctor and the skipper.

Coming together to take on the challenge, their objective is to regain their self-confidence and hold their course after confronting such a health battle. This great experience also aims to encourage women's vocations in the sailing world and to raise public awareness in order to continue to raise funds for research to fight breast cancer.

Author and initiator of the project, Elisabeth Thorens-Gaud will be keeping a log of their trip. To be published by Favre in 2020, on the occasion of Pink October - the month dedicated to the global effort in the fight against breast cancer – you’ll be able discover all their adventures aboard this Lagoon catamaran.

This project is a non-profit organization. All proceeds raised will be donated to organizations involved in the fight against breast cancer.

As a partner in this wonderful human adventure, the Lagoon teams wish them a beautiful crossing!

Follow them in real time 

© Germain Arias-Schreiber