Around the world on a Lagoon

Anouk and Pierre have been cruising aboard their brand-new catamaran, a Lagoon 450 S since the end of May 2021.

March 3, 2023

Anouk and Pierre have been cruising aboard their brand-new catamaran, a Lagoon 450 S since the end of May 2021. Their sailboat is called Nanuk, which means “polar bear” in Inuktitut (an Inuit language spoken in the Canadian Arctic).

Anouk and Pierre share their adventures with us aboard Nanuk

But first, let’s check out our two adventurers:

Anouk is full of energy and passionate about everything. She dares, she changes, she adapts, all with total ease. Sailing in the West Indies in recent years during the winter months has allowed her to discover and come to love this itinerant boating life.

Pierre has spent his life traveling and exploring the planet. The word impossible doesn’t feature in his vocabulary. Each of his projects has ended up becoming reality, each idea was created, and every dream came true: the proof is clear today, as you’ll see as you continue reading this article about their multiple boating trips!

Tell us about your daily life!

We don’t really have a specific daily routine on the catamaran. Every day is different. We’ve sailed a lot in the last few months, more than 10,000 nm in 9 months in fact. Our goal over the next few months is to do yoga, run and swim every day. We are also passionate about kite surfing, scuba diving (we’ve got our own compressor on the boat), and paddleboarding… and we film everything with our drone.

What projects do you have during your circumnavigation?

To take our time with time. To live the moment to the full, to be resilient by continuing to move forward according to our desires. Pierre plans to write a book about the adventure and Anouk is going to write a children’s book about the adventures of Chica (our dog) going around the world.

Do you have any apprehensions or concerns?

Thunderstorms have proven to be pretty common in the Mediterranean and despite installing a lightning grounding system, the risks to the electrical equipment and the electronics are very real. Apart from that, we don’t really have any apprehensions. The boat is very reliable, and we’ll deal with the inevitable issues as they arise. We remain Zen!

Where have you visited so far on your Lagoon, and where are you heading next?

We set out from Les Sables d’Olonne, on France’s Atlantic coast late May 2021, and have visited Spain, Portugal, the French Riviera, Corsica, Sicily, Greece, Malta, Sardinia, Menorca, Mallorca, Gibraltar, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and Martinique. We’re currently sailing in the Grenadines.

Our next destination will be Los Roques (Venezuela), to be followed by Colombia, then transiting the Panama Canal, and ultimately French Polynesia.

We always say: A destination is not so much a place, but more a new way of seeing things. 

Daring to roam wherever you want is quite a bold challenge these days where Covid has shaken up all our cruising options. It’s hard to anticipate today whether a border will remain open, but cruising is precisely about this opening to the unknown, where you’ve got to show a necessary resilience.

What made you choose a Lagoon?

Choosing a boat that’s suited to your individual program, equipping it accordingly and following its construction from a distance all requires excellent communication with the dealer. We chose Lagoon for the industrial quality of its production, its robustness, for the quality of its after-sales service and above all we chose a model that has been tried and tested on all the seas of the world… The Lagoon teams, with their great experience and their availability, accompanied us throughout this process.

So, 15 days before the first lockdown came into effect, we ordered our Lagoon 450 S. The beginning of a great adventure.

We were ready for this new chapter in our lives, having decided a long time ago to live with our wishes and desires, because undertaking, daring, accepting risk has infinitely more meaning for us than the pleasant certainty of comfort. Because we know that necessity creates adaptation, and movement creates energy, that life is beautiful and surprising. And it is precisely our capacity to marvel at things, to feel and to share that gives meaning to this ephemeral existence.

According to our desires and the weather, we determine our route… the world is vast. The most remote islands are still laden with their share of mystery and in our rare moments of doubt we always remember this line from Paulo Coelho: “If you find adventure dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.”

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