Sometimes a boat is the beginning of a new professional project. Today, meet Martin Schildmacher who decided to buy a 560 and customized her to create a new company SAMCAT!

Who is Martin?


I was born in Germany in 1964, son of a family of entrepreneurs. Professionally I have always been an entrepreneur with a skipper soul! My dream is to sail around the world with SAMCAT. Our current itinerary is sailing the Mediterranean in the summer and the Caribbean in the winter.

What is SAMCAT?


We built a CoWorking in this catamaran! A temporary place to work under new refreshing framework. On board the SAMCAT boat, I give creative people the opportunity to work and interact, create networks, stimulate the brain with fresh input or just take creative vacation. I love to sail, and I like to get together with people who are driven by ideas, who want to create and build something.

What are the main customizations you have done on the 560?

For us it is extremely important that our guests can work on the SAMCAT, which means that we always have to get the best possible Internet access. We installed the internet router of PEPWAVE in cooperation with the WiFi broadcaster BadBoy. It is an ideal concept. If we are near a WiFi network we can provide this to all guests with only one access. If we do not have a WiFi network, the next alternative is the internet via the public telephone service, the PEPWAVE router has 2 SIM slots for two different providers. The challenge with the installation of all changes was that the systems had to be coordinated with each other and the essential connections should be secured via LAN. WiFi is practical but not always reliable. My knowledge of computer technology helped me to connect all the devices in the best possible way.

An additional VHF antenna secures us off should the mast antenna be lost. An additional iridium antenna ensures a better reception if we do not get a usual internet connection. The Iridium Next system will be available soon, with a bandwidth of 1.4 Mbps, which is a real achievement for the shipping industry and for the SAMCAT guests alike.

Everything has been done on the 560 to create an efficient satellite and internet system to welcome plenty of guests. SAMCAT gets all the tools to make you think, create and work at sea in a great comfort!

Have you done other customizations?

To fit our new way of life, we decided to make some other customizations:

– Foiling the hull with advertising

– Automatic fresh water tank switching over in case of high consumption does not have to constantly make a manual changeover in the engine compartment.

– 5 satellite receivers for television

– Integration of a NAS storage to save all data centrally

– Dive compressor installation in Front Peak

– Woodwork for storage of the diving bottles and diving suits in the starboard Front Peak

– Railing with diver bottle holder port side, the stainless steel railing gives the Lagoon 560 a higher symmetry and we can carry 2 dive bottles each port and starboard safely.

– Mounts in the port front peak to better stow away lines.

– Four additional electric winches are very helpful when docking in the harbor.

What will be your next customization?

Buying a Lagoon SEVENTY 7! The SEVENTY 7 will be the solution to have more space to welcome the clients and to continue to share with them ideas and projects for a long time.

Martin realized these customizations with Yacht Concept, specialist of Lagoon’s personalization in La Rochelle (France). According to Martin, they have done a “really good and professional job”.