Nordvaer : Marte and Eric discuss their Norwegian sailing charters

Aboard their Lagoon 51, Marte and Eric discuss their offering of sailing charters on the icy Norwegian seas.

April 16, 2024

Young entrepreneurs, Marte and Eric started their business by combining their passions:  sailing, nature, and gastronomy.  They purchased a Lagoon 51 for a project that they hold close to their hearts, organizing sailing charters of one or more days to discover the culinary experiences and natural environment along the Helgeland coast, in Northern Norway. 

The objective:  to benefit from the Norwegian experience, to visit culinary destinations, to fish, to cook with a chef, and much more. 
Each adventure is organized in cooperation with local agricultural producers and renowned chefs, showcasing the natural environment, culture, and Norwegian cuisine. 

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In this interview, Marthe and Eric, passionate sailors, will share their love for Lagoon and which qualities of the Lagoon 51 won them over.

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