Lagoon 42

Shannon and Paul: Lagoon 42, Easy to Handle Sailing Double-Handed!

Prepare to embark on a cruise to the other side of the world with Shannon and Paul. We’re headed for Australia to discover their aspirations and their greatest memory with Lagoon!

May 24, 2024

Why Did You Choose the Lagoon 42?

We were looking for a boat that would be easy to handle for a couple, because we are usually, just the two of us, on board.  What we really like about this model, notably, is the connection with the flybridge.  It is just a little bridge, which enables you to communicate more easily when one person is at the helm.  What we like a lot, also, is the saloon.  It is ideal for us!  You can sit there and see the rest of the crew.

What Is Your Greatest Memory with Lagoon? 

We appreciate the Lagoon community.  We have had the opportunity to meet other Lagoon owners in locations around the world.  A special memory, for example, was crossing the Bay of Biscay with four other catamarans!  We have met up with them in a number of other locations:  in Italy, in Turkey… we cruise together.  So, it’s like a family get-together.  It’s very nice.


How Do You Feel While Cruising Aboard Your Boat? 

The Lagoon 42 is very easy to handle, notably for two people.  We have been rather impressed, notably, by its resistance in heavy weather.  The boat has resisted better than we thought.  In fact, we have had weather conditions that frightened us a bit, but the boat remained very comfortable.


To learn more, step aboard with them and watch their interview! 

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