Sweden: Four favourite anchorages

Sweden is a surprisingly accessible body of water.

March 6, 2023

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Sweden is a surprisingly accessible body of water. You can navigate by eye in the leafy archipelago of Stockholm (with its more than 30,000 islands!) or out of Gothenburg, a dynamic, warm city that’s also defined by its privileged relationship with the sea. A world away from the crowds of the Mediterranean, the countless anchorages and wild nature do more than just warm up the atmosphere. In the nation of Alfred Nobel, Anders Celsius, Ingrid Bergman and ABBA, the culture of “lagom” reigns supreme: the art of being happy, in the Swedish way. It means finding the right balance, neither too little nor too much when it comes to your actions and choices. Cruising will be like a return to your roots, with boat rental in Sweden.

Our four favorite Swedish anchorages .

Paradiset, a little corner of paradise in reach of Stockholm

Why come here? South of Stockholm, the Paradiset nature reserve lets nature take center stage at every performance. This is a very popular spot in Sweden for hiking. It’s a local version of Paradise, echoing the name of this green Eden, but here you’ll find a bubble you’ll never want to leave.

Sandhamn, a little fishing port oozing with character

Why come here? For that 100% Nordic experience. We’re talking about a fishing village that comes alive in summer when boaters come to the shores of an island that’s got remarkable maritime heritage. Out of season, you’ll feel very privileged to have such a setting in front of your eyes, with the added bonus of that peaceful state of mind.

Ornö, the big island in the archipelago offers many sheltered anchorages

Why come here? Safe anchorages top the list, before the nature reserves, the departure port for the largest sailing competition in the Stockholm archipelago (late May), the abundant wildlife, the little cottages that are simply delightful, and the exceptionally-supervised management of the island will ultimately win you over.

Nämdö and its primeval Nordic forests

Why come here? Because of that great feeling when you finally get a breath of fresh air. Nämdö is both an entire archipelago and the name of the main island off Stockholm. Here you will find lush forests, rich animal life, bare cliffs and uninhibited nature.

The expert’s advice:

“There’s a serenity in Sweden that reigns supreme at all times, and our advice is to enjoy it by planning a ten or even fifteen-day stay.”

The ideal time to go

Our favorite month: July, 17°C (63°F)

In Lapland? -40°C (also -40°F) in the winter, +30°C (86°F) in the summer

And for the foodies:

You can’t leave without trying:

-Köttbullar (Swedish meatballs)

-Gravalax (cured, marinated salmon)

-Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns). There’s even a national day for this dessert in Sweden, often copied but never equaled!