The Club Lagoon is adding new exclusive benefits to all Lagoon owners.

April 3, 2022

The Club Lagoon is adding new exclusive benefits to all Lagoon owners. The Club is the ultimate portal to enjoy what the Lagoon family has to offer. One of these numerous advantages includes the Premium Program.

For all catamarans over 50 feet, discover the Lagoon Premium Program. This bespoke program includes a team and a dedicated platform for the owner to walkthrough all the steps  of the building the process. Customizing a Lagoon catamaran is an incredible experience with more than 700 customization options available.

Lagoon offers the ultimate tailor-made experience, creating a unique and privileged journey:

- Follow the construction of your catamaran with pictures and technical information directly available on your Club Lagoon website area.

- Customize your catamaran, directly online via Club Lagoon thanks to more than a hundred possible layout and equipment options, specially designed for your particular model.

- Enjoy a visit to the shipyard and the best that the Bordeaux region has to offer thanks to our local partners who will make your stay an unforgettable memory.

Learn more about the range of bespoke services and options available to you, or contact our specialists to discuss how we can build your unique catamaran.

Your journey with us begins here.

The portal is accessible in your Club Lagoon space. You will be following the construction of your catamaran right up to its delivery. At any time, you can modify the specifications of your boat to personalize it.

The Premium Program also gives you the option to equip your catamaran for the most optimal and definitive delivery possible. Your boat will thus be ready to sail with everything you need already on board: bedding, crockery, safety equipment, decoration, provisions, etc.

Thanks to the Premium Program, your catamaran will become a unique and welcoming home. All you have to do is to go sailing!


Meet our bespoke models

Lagoon Seventy 7, Seventy 8 and Sixty 5 

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