Lagoon is Celebrating its 1,000th Lagoon 42

Lagoon, global leader in the construction of catamarans, is proud to announce the completion of its 1,000th Lagoon 42, thus marking eight years of success since the initial launch of this iconic model in 2015.

November 28, 2023

With an impressive fleet of nearly 7,000 catamarans that have been delivered around the world, Lagoon has solidified its position by offering a diversified line of ten models. Among them, there are leading models, such as the 380 and the 450, which have established records, but the Lagoon 42 remains the most-sold cruising catamaran of all time, of all brands.

The 1,000th Lagoon 42 perfectly embodies the essence of the brand, resulting from meticulous architectural plans and construction, combining an ambitious design and attractive proportions.

To meet growing demand, Lagoon uses three sets of molds, sharing production between two shipyards in Vendée, one in Poiré and the other in Belleville.

Here is an interesting anecdote:  if you lined up 1,000 Lagoon sailing catamarans, they would cover a total distance of 13 kilometers.

The assembly of a single Lagoon 42 involves the use of over 3,000 components, underscoring the complexity of this construction.  On average, the construction of a Lagoon 42 requires 1,300 hours of labor, requiring a multitude of fields and a wealth of savoir-faire.

The Lagoon 42, the brand’s leading model, embodies Lagoon’s ongoing commitment to comfort on board and ease of handling.

Eight years have gone by since the model’s first entry on the assembly line, in 2015, to the completion of this 1,000th yacht.

This model has won the hearts of the public and the press, becoming a legendary icon in the world of catamarans.

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