Lagoon Exclusive events in the USA

Last week, Lagoon wowed VIP clients at its exclusive events in the USA, attracting enthusiasts of luxury sailing. Here's a glimpse of the magical moments experienced aboard the Lagoon SIXTY 7.

November 23, 2023

Lagoon Dream Dates : A magical Sunset Cruise aboard the Lagoon SIXTY 7

At the beginning of November, the sparkling waters of the canals and the skyline of Fort Lauderdale backlit by the sunset set the stage for three memorable evenings aboard the Lagoon SIXTY 7.

Participants were lulled by the city's sumptuous waterways, creating the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable cruising experience in the Venice of America.


A Feast by Chef Jérôme Abraham

The highlight of each evening was haute cuisine, a gourmet 5-course meal, prepared on board by talented French private chef, Jérôme Abraham.

His culinary expertise added a refined touch to every moment, transforming the cruise into an exquisite gastro experience.

A memorable charity project

In addition to creating magical moments aboard this sleek motor yacht, the weeks’ events also served a noble cause. All funds used to purchase tickets for the exclusive dining evenings were generously sent to SEAKEEPERS, an organization dedicated to preserving the oceans and promoting marine research.

See photos of these unforgettable moments below:

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Lagoon Dream Night

A wonderful evening at the Lauderdale Yacht Club

The evening of November 3 was marked by charm and excellence at the Lauderdale Yacht Club, where over 100 guests gathered for a Lagoon Dream Night.

Alongside renowned partners, we achieved a certain "[united] elegance and excellence, the French American Chamber of Commerce is proud to have collaborated with Lagoon from Beneteau Group for that event, graced by the presence of Moët & Chandon and Maison Mathon Jewelry. Our events celebrate the summit of high-end quality, building connections and supporting business growth for French companies in the dynamic milieu of Florida.” - FACC (French-American Chamber of Commerce).

An exquisite DJ and caterer delighted the guests.

What's more, the Lagoon SIXTY 7, the star of the evening, was on display and ready for tours, giving guests the chance to experience Lagoon's engineering excellence up close.

And even still Lagoon leaves lasting impressions amongst our esteemed partners; Maison Mathon’s US Agent, Gerard Riveron, had this to say “I wish to thank the FACC Florida offices for the opportunity to collaborate with the most respected French, family-owned manufacturing company, Groupe Beneteau... [with their] presentation at the celebrated Lauderdale Yacht Club to showcase our #frenchsavoirfaire with the luxurious Lagoon Catamarans presented alongside our Maison Mathon Jewelry Colleaction, also a family business from France started in 1931.”

Relive the elegance of this special night in pictures :

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