On Saturday, May 21st, 2022, Nautisch Kwartier Stavoren organized a Lagoon Escapade on Lake Ijssel where 10 Lagoon catamarans and 61 participants took part in and soaked in the commradery of life on the water.

October 14, 2022

The festivities began the evening of everyone's arrival: a cocktail party was arranged, allowing crews to get to know each other and to present the program of the Escapade. There was much fun to be had!

On Saturday, the day started with a hearty breakfast. All participants received goodies and a lunchbag before boarding their boats.

After two hours of sailing the Ijsselmeer, the sailors dropped anchor to enjoy lunch aboard their Lagoons. In the afternoon, a visit to a local museum was organized for all who wished to join.

Then back to sailing, this time towards Staroven. At the end of the day, a barbecue was held on the quay, during which the crews were able to chat about their day and their experiences aboard a Lagoon catamaran.

The Lagoon team would like to thank everyone who attended the Escapade! We are looking forward to meeting you again on a future Lagoon Escapade. In the meantime... Happy sailing!