Fractional ownership in response to the new expectations of boaters

October 7, 2022

Lagoon’s international network will have access to this fractional ownership program where Sea Style Yacht Partners will offer Lagoon catamarans from the SIXTY and SEVENTY ranges.

“We are very proud to sign this partnership with the worldwide leader in catamarans. It shows that fractional ownership is not only trending but will become an important part of our industry in the coming years,” says Mathias Chouraki, president of Sea Style Yacht Partners, veteran yacht broker, and licensed commercial captain.


A program open to catamarans between 60 to 150 feet.

Sea Style Yacht Partners offers a dedicated path to yacht ownership by offering their clients the option to buy a 25% or 50% share in a fully crewed yacht or large luxury catamaran, focusing on the market for vessels between 60 and 150 feet.

“We are thrilled to announce this collaboration with Sea Style. Nowadays we need to find different and new ways to address the customer needs in the multi-hull market. This opportunity brings new sales perspectives to the Lagoon dealer network in the rapidly changing boating environment.” – said Thomas Gailly, Lagoon brand director.


How it Works?

  • Owners Purchase a 25% or 50% share of a luxury yacht that is fully equipped and outfitted with top-end amenities.

  • Sea Style Yacht Partners shares can be financed through an exclusive loan program that provides clients a simple cash investment. 

  • Operational costs are shared by each client based on a percentage of ownership. Sea Style manages the accounts for the vessel and provides the owners with an easy-to-read monthly expense statement. 

  • Sea Style handles all operations; from crew management, insurance, and dockage to regular maintenance and repairs.

  • Depending on the level of ownership, owners are guaranteed a minimum of seven to 14 weeks a year.

  • Owners plan their vacation well in advance or last-minute (48-hour notice) if no other owners are on board. 

  • Sea Style may be in locations from the Mediterranean Sea to the Caribbean and the East Coast of the United States (Florida, the Hamptons, Rhode Island, just to name a few.) Yacht relocations are planned before each season with the input of the owners.